Photography exhibition “Viewfinder” 2023 by children with impaired hearing

Photography exhibition “Viewfinder” presents 40 photographs taken by young people with partially or completely impaired hearing.”Viewfinder” is an initiative of the Motif Foundation, which aims to pass on visual knowledge and skills to hearing-impaired young people so that they can successfully use photography as a means of expression. Photography is a tool for developing their creative and artistic skills, a new way of telling stories and self-expression.

Participants: Emanuela Yordanova, Simeon Boyadzhiev, Zhivko Dimov, Georgi, Veneta Georgieva, Radoslav Nedev, Nora Marinova, Lorena Angelova, Angelina Atanasova, Maria Koseva,
Krastyo Petrov, Sofia Chilingirova, Cindy Skechelieva, Lili Dimitrova, Daniel Kasabov, Mario Peykov, Georgi Naydenov, Evgeni Naydenov, Hristo Deliyski, Katya Ruseva, Penyo Iliev, Borislava Kostadinova

Dobrin Minkov – landscape photographer
Nikolay Stoykov – documentary photographer and cameraman
Fanny Bachvarova – documentary journalist and curator

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The project “Viewfinder: Photographic classes for teaching visual skills to young people with partially or completely impaired hearing” is accomplished with the financial support of the program “Socially Engaged Arts” of the National Fund “Culture”

Gallery Viewfinder 2023