Narges Mashrafi, Afghanistan

Narges is in 10th grade and she is studying at a professional fashion high school in Sofia. She came to Bulgaria three years ago with her family – her parents and five siblings. Her father died shortly after arriving in Bulgaria. Narges did not go to school in Afghanistan, but she always wanted to study. Going to school seemed like an unachievable dream. The first day in the classroom was very emotional for Narges, filled with excitement and panic fear.
She has participated in various educational initiatives. The last prize she got was from a national contest called “For Our Bread”, part of the National Calendar of the Ministry of Education and Science. There Narges participated with a project called “The Bread from Afghanistan to Bulgaria” and won two awards.
She believes that knowledge will help her become a dignified person and a citizen. She says that knowing history, reading books and being educated is an incredible feeling. Narges knows that there are always challenges to overcome no matter where you are but she believes that where there is peace, there is a future. She knows that with persistence and dedication she can cope with everything, and after graduating, she wants to continue her studies in interior design.