Kimia Dastah, Iran

Kimia came to Bulgaria 8 months ago from the city of Bandar Abbas, Iran. As a woman and a Christian, for her it was very difficult to live in Iran. She has a Bachelor degree in Graphic Design and Photography. Unfortunately, the entire education process was very stressful to her. At the university, she was often teased by her teachers on different occasions – hair showing under the scarf or inappropriate clothing, and she was continuously blamed for not following the rules for no reason.
Kimia likes nature and fashion photography. In Bulgaria she works in a beauty studio and attends courses in Bulgarian language. She wants to pursue a career in the field of Graphic Design and Photography once she learns Bulgarian.
In Bulgaria she finally feels at peace. She says there is a big difference between Bulgaria and Iran – in the way of life and in the opportunity to choose your own future: a choice that does not exist in her homeland.