The unknown Ograzden Mountain in Bulgaria

Written by: Fani Bachvarova

One of the barely-known mountains in Bulgaria, Ograzden hides a great potential for ecotourism.
Old-growth forests with 200-years-old trees, primeval beech forests, and views to Belasitsa and Pirin wait to be discovered.

Ecotourism isn’t important – it is critical. It should provide direct financial benefits for conservation and local people and is focused on the conservation of natural resources.

Ecotourism is gradually being introduced to national parks, nature reserves and landscape protection sites in Bulgaria. Developing ecotourism aims to bring significant benefits to the local communities and to contribute effectively to nature and biodiversity conservation.

Ecotourism is likely to serve as a new source of employment for the families of local people:

• developing guest houses
• developing tours and serving as guides
• providing bike rides
• offering local food